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0.5 | An Introduction

Transcript for the episode 0.5 | An Introduction

0.5 | An Introduction

Hi, I’m Gwen, and welcome to the introductory episode of Hey, you should read this, the podcast where I take recommendations from my friends and the internet on the books I really should be reading already.

So, what is the premise of this podcast- other than that I’m taking recommendations on books I really should read? The plan is to have episodes where I have guests on to discuss the books that they’ve recommended to me, and also have solo episodes where I take recommendations from the internet, whether that be by influencer or by algorithm, on what I should be reading.

For a baseline on this experiment, what I’m reading currently- I tend to go for easily accessible nonfiction science; young adult fantasy, usually of the whimsical and fluffy variety; or occasionally a good classic. I tend to go for either Jane Eyre, or Jane Austen.

Um, keep in mind, this is not a professional podcast; it’s me and my friends hanging out, so we may have au- audio issues, or, you know, weird technical glitches; we’re figuring it out as we go; I am recording in my bedroom!

Um, not everyone on this podcast may have a professional mic, so I apologize if that bothers you. Uh, we’re going to do as much work as we can, to figure all of the tech stuff out. Just thought I would give that warning while we’re here.

We will upload on a every-two-weeks schedule, I don’t really- (laughing) know-

I don’t really know whether we are going to have a consistent guest/no guest situation, but we’re going to see what happens; this is all just a fun little experiment to see if I like the books my friends recommend, maybe see if they like the books I recommend occasionally, and expand my reading taste a little bit- because that’s fun, and I like it.

Transcripts for every episode, including this one, will be available at, and they will be up as soon, or close to, when an episode uploads. I hope you’ll join us on this journey, and by us, I mean mostly me, because scheduling is difficult, and I can’t guarantee that my friends will have time.

We’re gonna see; it’ll be so fun; hope you come with.

Alright, let’s see how this goes.

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