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Adventures in Cooking Part 2: Mapo Tofu

Over the weekend, I cooked a full meal for myself, actually following a recipe (in the video above) and it went rather well!

My two major requirements when selecting a recipe had been “vegetarian, and incredibly easy.” I also wanted to try cooking tofu. With the exclusion of ground beef, this one fit the bill. It also had a video that allowed me to actually see how things came together, which was a plus.

Chopping things and stirring them in a pan (in my case, a skillet) was easy enough, but I did learn a couple things:

  1. The kind of tofu I have available needs pressed, which I only discovered after the fact. It came out fine; the texture was just different. I’ll test the difference next time

  2. I also want to add more veggies and possibly a crunch factor, because I think it’s fun. There was bok choy in my version, because it was in the fridge. My other test is to go rogue and add more stuff.

Anyway, I’m quite happy with it and it makes me want to have more adventures in cooking. Here is a Bookshop affiliate link on which I earn commission, should you wish to have a written recipe.


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