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On Two Years of Doing This

Today is the two year anniversary of The Girl in the Chair! (Or it could have been yesterday, if you're going by when I registered the domain.) Today is the two year anniversary of when I put stuff up here for people to read.

I've learned a lot in that time, and this little corner of the internet has evolved since it started, as I believe it should.

What started as a half-serious joke taken most of the way seriously ("What if you had a website where you could point people to get answers instead of rehashing the same explanation to every random stranger who asks? Like, hand them a card or something.") has grown from fast facts and occasional media representation analysis to encompass more aspects of my life and experience. I think that's good.

I had a journalism professor in college who liked the name The Girl in the Chair because it didn't box me in too much or really limit what I could write about. It was just a description of me, of how people tend to find me in a crowd, so I could realistically write about whatever I wanted without going "off brand," so to speak.

At the time, I stuck pretty hard to the original concept, and would try to pick post topics based on what I thought would be most helpful to a hypothetical target audience who wasn't even really reading yet.

That same professor suggested that I try to lean into more of the pop culture aspect to balance things out, and for awhile I couldn't think of how to while maintaining the original premise.

What I eventually figured out was that the premise needed to expand.

The blog has (so far) ended up being is a place to share as much of my perspective as I think will be helpful, on a variety of topics from book recommendations to professionalism and wheelchair accessibility. It doesn't have to be only answers to questions that people have asked, any perspective I can provide has the potential to be useful.

So here's to more years of answering questions and sharing perspective.

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