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You Should Start a Podcast, They Said

Did they know what they wanted to hear me talk about? No, but it could be fun, and anyway, I talk a lot. That, I will give them.

So, what's the news? After many months of owning a podcast mic and not knowing what to do with it, a plan is slowly coming together.

The current concept is one that allows me to talk about one of the things I love most- books. Based around book recommendations as a general starting point, it involves three components:

  1. Me, giving recommendations based around a theme

  2. Me, taking and reviewing recommendations from the Internet

  3. Me and friends reading discussing a recommendation that they have kindly provided

At this point, I'm planning to add another page to this site for the podcast, since web space doesn't come cheap, where you can find episodes and their transcripts. I want to do this right, from the very beginning.

Things are still in the very early stages, but expect the tentatively-tiltled Hey, Have You Read This? to be coming to a streaming service near you sometime in January.

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