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You've found yourself at The Girl in the Chair. How exciting!

This is a blog where I share my perspective on pop culture and disability, like the thing at the top says. We occasionally veer into science and more personal stuff, but that's what keeps it interesting.

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If you’re interested in supporting this site, you can tip me an amount of your choice using the incredibly teal PayPal button, or you can use the red one to Buy Me a Coffee, which works very similarly in $3 increments. Ko-fi will also have occasional writing updates and I might ask for opinions on what to write about next, so keep an eye out. 

Additionally, as of 2022, I am a affiliate. Bookshop is an online book-buying platform that supports independent bookstores. I get a commission if you use my affiliate page, and that money goes straight back into supporting this site. If you feel like browsing, hit the big purple button with the arrow on it.

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